Welcome back Southern Redfish Cup members!

As most of you know, SRC is under new management. Partners Chris Condon and Will Jackson welcome everyone to join us in the new and improved SRC tournaments in Georgetown (November 12th ) and Charleston (December 3rd).

We are pleased to announce that Captain Jamie Hough will be announcing at our 2022 tournaments; no doubt he will add a new level of excitement to the events!

Don't miss the Georgetown tournament---- guaranteed first place payout $6,000
End the 2022 year in Charleston at Islander 71 ---- guaranteed first place payout $7,100

SRC is a proud sponsor of the Freedom and Hope Foundation. The Freedom and Hope Foundation is a South Carolina based non-profit organization that provides outdoor activities, such as fishing and hunting, as recreational therapy for children with life-threatening diseases and for wounded veterans.

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Existing SRC Members

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New SRC Members

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